“This is a 13-week behavioural change program with a mission to encourage individuals to first change to lead themselves, then to lead teams then to lead nations. This one-of-its-kind program content was delivered by the I-Train Africa Foundation in the year 2021 to over 1,000 selected youths from over 20+ countries.

How to get selected For The 13-week Training With Our european partner Potentialife

Who wants to Get Into the 13-week LEADERSHIP program with our EUROPEAN partner Potentialife all for FREE?

Did you know that this same 13-week leadership program is what they offer and use to train the top management staff of huge international cooperates like the US Bank, Oglivy, etc.?💥😱😱

Yes! Those cooperates PAY HEAVILY in dollars 💸 to get this training from Potentialife

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I-TRAIN AFRICA has partnered with Potentialife to give this FOR FREE to 2000 of the most engaged AFRICAN WOMEN at the GMC.

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“How To Qualify For The 13-week Leadership Program”

1. You must be an African woman registered for Global Mentorship Conference 2023

2.  To be eligible for the program, it is essential to have attended the conference.

3. If you missed the conference, you can still qualify by watching the conference replay on our official Facebook and YouTube pages.

Click HERE to watch on Facebook and Click on YouTube to watch replay on Youtube

4.  Screenshots of different conference sessions– You are requested to submit 6 screenshots of the sessions you attend ( 2 keynote, 2 panelists, and 2 breakout rooms). Those who attach complete 6 screenshots of evidence will be the first set of people that will qualify.

5. Fill out the show of interest form/program commitment– Complete the show of interest form which will close by October 31, 2023. Click HERE to fill show of interest form

6. If selected for the leadership program, be prepared to give your consent to attend and actively participate in all weekly classes to be issued a leadership certificate.


Past Event

About the global mentorship conference for african youths held On oct 16, 2021

With half of Africa’s population under the age of twenty-five, it is impossible to gainsay that Africa is the world’s largest reservoir of youths. However, the huge potential of global domination that comes with this abundance of youths has not been reached. Frankly speaking, we have barely scratched the surface. To even begin with, most of these youths are unemployed: Africa has a youth unemployment rate of 77%. This is partly due to a lack of quality education; around 89 million youth are out of school in Sub-Saharan Africa. Interestingly, there are about 25 million unemployed graduates in Nigeria alone.

This means that the problem is not limited to lack of education, but extends to lack of clarity and direction, lack of information and exposure, lack of soft skills, and lack of technical skills.

The conference was designed to give African youths clarity and enlighten them about the vast opportunities available to them, the skills they need to acquire to compete favourably to secure these opportunities, where those skills can be acquired, and how these opportunities can be utilized for their development and that of Africa/Globe.  

Hence, the theme of the global conference 2021  was “Unleashing the Potential of African Youth to Become Sustainability Champions & Global Citizens”

The goal of the “By and for Youth” conference was to provide group mentoring to 50,000 African youths via the conference. Ito set a tone that centred around CLARITY, DIRECTION, MENTORSHIP, SOFT/LIFE SKILLS and NETWORKING at this conference. 

The online conference hosted speakers and panellists from 6 continents and 20+ countries. Participants that attended  were from 30+ African countries

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