Aimalohi Alao

Benin City, Nigeria. Banker

GMC Volunteer In The Social Media team

 Aimalohi Alao is a highly skilled professional of over two decades experience with a strong focus on creating a customer-centric environment for organizations through continuous customer engagement. My main objective is to ensure that organizations never have to worry about their revenue streams, as I develop systems around their existing customer base to accelerate the sales of their products and services while minimizing operating costs. In managing these relationships, I have helped to turnaround unprofitable branches to profitability by 102% in 2018 and 112% in 2019. After obtaining my first degree in the social sciences, I developed a strong interest in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a particular focus on equipping individuals and small businesses with the skills needed to run successful businesses within their available resources. Consequently, I pursued certifications in Business Administration, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship, and other relevant fields. With my exceptional Customer Relationship skills, not only was I impacting positively on my organization but also growing customers’ businesses sustainably with the SDG 4 and SDG 8 in focus making it a win-win for both parties. Throughout my career, I have successfully navigated the service industry and trained over 200 staff in delivering exceptional skills when meeting customer’s expectations using strategies deployed. With constant training and development of my teams, we were able to reduce customer’s complaints by 75%, earned their trust and leveraged on the relationships to get several referrals that helped in meeting our budget timely, won best customer service staff in 2008, best performing team/branch in 2017, and most profitable branch in 2019 and 2020. Beyond my professional skills, I have diverse interests and talent in coaching individuals and businesses on strategies to adopt in running a profitable business ventures. When I’m not immersed in the world of providing the best service or products to my customers-turned-family, you’ll find me volunteering for business or life coaching, either on a one-on-one basis or through group platforms like Spangler Integrated Services Limited impacting lives while promoting diversity and inclusion in support of the SDG goals. My relentless pursuit of service excellence keeps me continually researching for the next best idea to deliver to my customers, as a satisfied customer is more likely to become a loyal and returning customer. When am not wearing my career cap, you will find me enjoying some downtime playing hide and seek with the kids, watching cartoons and engaging with young minds. If my interests, passions, and experiences resonate with you, Please feel free to reach out to me at 

Victoria Ogunlade-Ajise

Lagos, Nigeria - Educationist/ Personal Branding & Business Coach

GMC Volunteer In The Event Management Team

Victoria Ogunlade-Ajise is a strategic educationist with experience covering curriculum development, instructional design, course facilitation, educational technology and teacher training with series of certification like Microsoft Innovative Education Expert (MIEE), Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer, Microsoft Certified Educator, Google Applied Digital Skills Ambassador, and HP IDEA Fellow to mention a few. She is a STEAM integration Specialist and a Master Trainer and Independent Consultant with UNESCO MGIEP. She has worked with International organisations on CSR projects to train approximately 2000 educators in 4 years on the importance of STEAM and how it can be integrated in their lessons to improve learning and ultimately raise students who are fit for the 21st century. She has also facilitated many professional development training and courses for about 3000 educators and have helped prepare them for a range of certifications and leading innovations in their schools and communities. She has earned reputation as an astute professional who leverages her experience to collaborate with stakeholders across all levels, bringing strong values, ethics, culture and pride to the educational industry while delivering unique and authentic perspectives to support various facets of the educational sector. She is the founder at Sprouting Daisies Ltd, a company focused on helping children discover and maximize their multiple intelligences; and the brand ‘The Teacher Cum Millionaire’ which helps educators discover and maximize their potentials to earn more, boosting their confidence, morale and passion to do what they love which is to teach. She speaks regularly at public events and conferences on topics across education, teacher personal and professional development, personal branding, school growth, entrepreneurship and finance management.

Joy Abel

Lagos, Nigeria - Student.

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderation Team

An undergraduate of the University of Lagos, intern at I-Train Africa. She helps digital-enabled organizations, digital product and course creators, coaches founders or tech-enabled personal brands successfully launch digital products by setting up and managing landing pages, funnels, and automations on websites/learning management systems (LMS) to ensure ideal audiences are reached in a seamless, simple and automated process.

Muinat Rasaq

Lagos, Nigeria - Communications Professional

GMC Volunteer In The Community Management Team 

Muinat Rasaq, is the Communication Officer for the I-Train Africa. She plays a pivotal role in enhancing the brand presence and growth of the Edtech organization. Muinat excels in the art of strategic communication and marketing. She possesses a unique talent for crafting and refining engaging communications and marketing content, spanning diverse channels such as social media and newsletters. By cultivating unwavering trust within the target audience, she skillfully transforms paying customers into enthusiastic advocates, contributing to the narrative of success. As the primary point of contact, Muinat adeptly manages various interactions, overseeing social media engagement, communicating with clients, and shaping the organization’s weekly newsletter. With an unwavering commitment to impactful growth and self-improvement, she thrives in the organization, embracing each day as an opportunity to evolve. Beyond her professional pursuits, she loves spending quality time with family and friends. This cherished trait underscores her dedication to forging meaningful connections and fostering a harmonious work-life balance.

Aishat Raji Ajoke

Lagos, Nigeria - Administrative officer

GMC Volunteer In The Social Media Team

Aisha Raji is a seasoned Administrative Officer with over two years of dedicated experience in inventory management and meticulous bookkeeping. Her expertise in maintaining order and efficiency is invaluable to the daily operations of I-Train Africa. Aisha’s professional dedication extends beyond her role, as she enjoys socializing with like-minded individuals, fostering meaningful connections, and believes in the importance of quality time spent with family. She embodies the values of I-Train Africa and contributes to its vibrant and efficient work environment.

Oluwafunmilayo Ajala

Madrid, Spain - PR and Comms Professional.

GMC Volunteer In The Media and Comms Team

Funmi Ajala is a results-oriented PR and Communications Manager with years of experience in Corporate and Brand Communication, Political Communication Strategy, Client Management, and Digital Media Development and Management. She focused on driving end-consumer engagement and building brand awareness. Funmi started her career in Journalism with 234NEXT, now defunct, as an online reporter and went on to head the desk as the online editor with her team. From NEXT,  she designed and led the implementing of the digital media strategy for the Ekiti State government, Nigeria, which is presently in use. She handled different media and public affairs roles, including implementing 10+ key projects in 4 years with over one million+ brand awareness reach with the State Government. She worked on many gender-focused projects such as the Keep Girls In School (KGIS) Campaign, Drop the Blades Campaign against Female Genital Mutilation, and Itan Arugbo, a visual storytelling and makeover for the elderly, to mention a few. Funmi is an alumnus of IE University, Madrid, Spain and Pan Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria. When not working on brand awareness projects, developmental projects or developing content, you can find her with her camera taking pictures. She is a passionate storyteller.

Mohammed Soko Kamara

Monrovia, Liberia,

GMC Volunteer As An Ambassador for Liberia

Mohammed Soko Kamara is an experienced administrative assistant, financial education & SDGs enthusiast, emerging leader, bibliophile, desiring global citizen, and an aspiring entrepreneur. He is a motivator who believes in inspiring and empowering others to reach their full potential. He is tech-savvy and always keen to learn about new technologies and how they can be used to improve what he does. Mohammed also has a good teamwork spirit and understands the importance of collaboration in achieving success. Additionally, he has over five years of volunteering experience with both local and international organizations. He loves volunteering because his commitment to giving back to his community and making a positive impact on the lives of others cannot be overemphasized. Interestingly, he is also the ambassador of this year’s GMC (Women’s Edition) for Liberia. He has been very instrumental in retaining over 100+ participants of the GMC 2021 Youth Edition in a WhatsApp chatroom

Andrew, Agbo

Abuja, Nigeria- Medical Doctor,

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderation Team

I am public health professionals who is very passionate about career growth and development. I also an SDGs enthusiast especially SDGs 3 & 6, has been in forefront of healthcare delivery in Nigeria for the past 12+ years. During these periods, I have trained, built and strengthened the capacities of over 5000 persons on how to carryout different healthcare interventions especially in a low-resource communities. Through my organization, I contributed immensely to the national TB, leprosy and Buruli ulcers notification; notified over 16000 cases with my team, most of whom were treated and declared cured.

Ganiat Arogundade

Lagos, Nigeria - Dyslexia Specialist & Teen Counselor

GMC Volunteer In The Program Coordinator Team

Ganiat Arogundade is a dyslexia specialist and teen counselor with experience in reading programs for dyslexic children using assistive technology, behavioral therapy, curriculum development, teen counseling, preschool education, and Edtech. She is a member of International Dyslexia Association and the Director of Learning at Precious Sprog Prep School, an inclusion school in Lagos, Nigeria, where dyslexic kids are trained on how to read, spell, and digital literacy. In 2022, Ganiat helped children with dyslexia and behavioral challenges, resulting in a 10% increase in revenue for her organization.

Arogundade as she is usually called, is passionate about helping children with learning disabilities and assisting teenagers to overcome their behavioral challenges. She guides them to discover their potential and use their strengths to make informed decisions. She has dedicated her professional life to supporting pre-teens and teens and is willing to work in the learning and development of children with learning disabilities and behavioral challenges, ranging from indecision, defiance (ODD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), behavioral addiction, academic problems, etc. You can connect with her at

Oluwakemi Ajeigbe

Lagos, Nigeria - Internal Control Officer

GMC Volunteer In The Administrative Assistant  Team

As a member of the compliance team, I assist individuals in achieving their objectives by upholding company policies. For the past 13 years, I have been able to guarantee compliance inside the organization of more than 300 workforces in the financial, hospitality, and utility sectors. The regulations improved compliance with the company’s objectives by streamlining corporate processes

Debbie Nduka-Joshua

Lagos, Nigeria - Sales/Telecommunications

GMC Volunteer In The Community Management Team

My name is Debbie Nduka-Joshua, I am an Area Sales Manager with Airtel Nigeria overseeing a market with over 400M Decrement monthly. This market was merely doing a little above 100M when I was assigned there but despite the impact of Covid-19, the market had grown and still growing. The Revenue Earning Customers have also grown with more than 50% over 3yrs I am a Business Coach, training and enhancing women to start and grow their small businesses. As a founder of AstuteFemalepreneur Africa, I have worked with over 50 women who have also improved their business over the year. The goal is to support and help as many as possible to start a business or a side hustle and grow them. With AstuteFemalepreneur Africa, members can get small loan to start their own business and grow it. As the CEO of Debbydot Attractions, an e-Commerce store, more women are assisted to showcase their products, market them and get their products to consumers thereby increasing their sales and showing them to the world. I am delighted to be among the volunteers and participants of GMC – 2023 as I would be meeting more people to work with as well as collaborate with others in personal growth and businessgrowth.

Fonyuy Anatue Surfuh

Yaoundé -Cameroon - Accountant

GMC Volunteer In The Project Assistant In The community Management Team

I am a highly motivated individual who for the past years have demonstrated good management and control system in the organizations and the community.I know accountability is everyone’s business, I will help you to remember that as a professional accountant with a Bsc in accounting and management and with demonstrated history of working in small and medium size enterprises where my work involved Financial and data analysis for fraud detection using ICT skills, budgeting and budgetary control, declaring and payment of taxes, financial reporting, stock and inventory control.

Monique van rooi

Windhoek, Namibia - Junior Legal Secretary & 3rd Year Business Management Student Specializing in Disaster Risk Reduction

GMC Volunteer In The Social Media Management Team

My name is Monique Van Rooi an aspiring leader. A junior secretary at one of the prestigious Law firms in Namibia and a 3rd year BA student specializing in disaster risk reduction. I recently started up my Non-profit organization which focuses on sustainability and social responsibility in our local communities. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and equip students to create a more socially and environmentally sustainable nation. As an aspiring leader I believe it is pivotal that we are informed and engaged with the global vision for the future. I strongly people by building people we are building the nation. I am a youth leader where I teach around 40-50 youngsters and disciple them into their callings and who God has called them to be. The important part of life is the service we give to other people that cannot help themselves, we need to help them help themselves. I believe charity is not about handouts, it’s about building strong institutions and building each human being to reach their potential so that they can help build the nation to its full potential.

Kassim AJANI

Lagos, Nigeria - Product Manager

GMC Volunteer In The Tech Support Team

Hi, I am Kassim AJANI. I work with as a head of product Management with over 2 decades of experience with a background in developing Product Strategy where the vision or the goal of the product is identified and documented, research conducted on the Market and customers’ needs, and finally putting a strategy in place to achieve key features/differentiators and setting main milestones. Having served in different capacities as Project, Global Operations manager, and Product Manager at software development (IT) firms, I have brought proven success in enhancing productivity and gaining an advantage when it comes to profit margins. My work spans companies and business units at varying stages of growth, from start-ups to multinational organizations.

Damilola Abiodun

Lagos, Nigeria - Supply Chain Analyst, Content Creator/Storytelling

GMC Volunteer In The Content Creator Team

My name is Damilola Abiodun, a supply chain analyst and a content writer/storyteller. My role as a supply chain analyst ensures that I use data analysis, logistics management, and various business strategies to optimize the supply chain operations of a company and meet the demand of the customers. With over 1 year + experience working in this field, I have been able to successfully develop improving solutions to ensure the smooth running operation of the products and services offered by the company. My role as a Creative writer/ Storyteller. With over 2 years + experience in fiction writing and creative content writing, I excel in creating multi-niched content that drives meaningful connection in the minds of the readers. I’m currently volunteering as a Content creator for I-Train Africa’s digital skills hub where I curate content to drive traffic to the brand.

Haleemah Tijani-Balogun

Lagos, Nigeria - Edupreneurship in literacy

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

I am the lead coach at Pacesetters Phonics and Diction Institute.
A Pronouncer at Teammasters National Spelling Bee, an alumna of OOU, UNILAG, EDC, FATE Foundation and CPD College, UK.

Itohan Onaghinon

Canada- Legal Practitioner

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

Itohan Onaghinon ACGI, L.L.M; with over 20 years of experience, I have consistently delivered positive results and maintained the financial health of companies across diverse industries, including Health Insurance, Pensions, Asset Management, Trust and Banking. My core competencies include implementing robust corporate governance practices, sound commercial law strategies, and aligning business objectives with a keen eye on stakeholder value. I am committed to driving value for stakeholders and ensuring long-term business sustainability. I’m deeply committed to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a particular emphasis on SDGs 1, 3, 5, 10, and 16. I’m based in Lagos, Nigeria and have held key roles at renowned organizations like Hygeia HMO Ltd and Stanbic IBTC Group, where I have successfully navigated complex legal and governance challenges, established sound policies, and contributed to substantial financial gains. My academic qualifications include an LL.M from the University of Lagos, and an Associate membership of The Chartered Governance Institute, United Kingdom & Ireland. I am a member of the Nigerian Bar Association and The Chartered Governance Institute (United Kingdom), and I volunteer as a Legal Adviser for the Health and Managed Care Association of Nigeria (HMCAN), where I have contributed to critical regulatory matters. I am dedicated to driving excellence in corporate governance, legal expertise, and public policy while actively working towards a more sustainable and equitable world. Connect with me on LinkedIn for potential collaborations and opportunities

Bukola Abiiba

Ibadan, Nigeria - Educator

GMC Volunteer In The  Event Moderator Team

Bukola Abiiba is the founder of Highflyer Crystal Foundation; an organization aimed at mentoring adolescent girls, promoting gender equality, eradicating hunger and providing quality education to the vulnerable ones especially those in low income communities.

She is passionate about giving back to the Community and focused on sustainable development Goal 2- Zero hunger, Goal 4- Quality Education and Goal5- Good health and well being through sensitization and orientation programs for Adolescent girls, educating on sexual reproductive health and rights , supporting girls updated information and campaigning against rape and Gender Based violence. As an Adolescent advocate she is visionary, Challenge-driven, successful professional, natural and persuasive communicator with keen ability to energize and inspire individuals to work towards achieving a common goal.

She has led and co-led a number of social actions targeted at health, education and empowerment aimed at creating a more just and equal society for Adolescent girls and women.

She is a Global school advocate of United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN), a certified trained member of World Youth Alliance, Global Girls Educator (Teach for All) and an alumni of Teach for Nigeria. Bukola holds a Bachelors degree in Chemistry Education from Obafemi Awolowo University and Masters degree in Educational Evaluation from University of Ibadan.

Dr. Bunmi Jimoh

Lagos, Nigeria - Environmental Health Officer

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

Dr. Bunmi Omowumi Jimoh is a professional Environmental Health Officer with in-depth knowledge of pest management and 15 years dedicated to public health education. She gives valuable insight into conditions and regulations that impact business premises, empowering them to make informed decisions for a healthier environment. She has experience dealing with various industries, including schools, bakeries, water factories, food factories, hotels, and more. Dr. Jimoh actively raises awareness and fosters positive change for a healthier future, having health-educated thousands of participants from different schools, business premises, and government officials. Throughout her Ph.D. studies and continuing to this day, she derives joy in mentoring Master’s and Bachelor’s degree students, guiding them through proposals, presentations, and project write-ups, contributing to their academic success and graduation. She also provides valuable training to her office colleagues, further enhancing their professional growth. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology, Dr. Jimoh had a Diploma in Environmental Health which qualified her for the professional examination EHORECON, leading to her certification as an environmental health officer. Her quest for more knowledge led her to pursue a Ph.D. in Entomology and Pest Management. In addition to her professional life, she is a married woman with a happy home.

Oluwaseun Ogunniyi

Lagos, Nigeria - Educator

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

Passionate and creative leader, who always look for opportunities to solve problem. I have led and impacted great minds to be self-aware, be a better version of themselves, and be relevant to the community at large through sensitization, facilitations, and skills acquisition. I have also promoted the moral and academic performance of learners by organizing the Readers are Leaders Club, coaching, and many more. I have also served as a fellow at the Teach For Nigeria fellowship, where we bridge education inequity in underserved Communities.

Lukmon Jimoh

Lagos, Nigeria Business Developer & C.S

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

I have impacted many lives positively through orientation, advise and I do organize program for young ones in my environment to teach them ethical way of behaviour in other to have a better society. I am also a U-reporter correspondence (an NGO)

Olakunle Daniel Olalere

Lagos, Nigeria - Executive Assistant to the CEO

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

I am Olakunle Daniel Olalere, an experienced administrator with a strong background in executive support, operations management, and human resources based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Throughout my career, I have excelled in roles such as Executive Assistant at Internet Solutions Nigeria Ltd. and Operations Manager at Colgate Global Services Ltd. I take pride in my ability to efficiently manage calendars, lead teams, and ensure productive operations while actively contributing to my community through voluntary teaching and educational initiatives.

Endurance Iloba

Lagos, Nigeria - Environmental Engineer

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

Endurance Ogadima Iloba is a Database Administrator with a focus on environmental waste management, Chemical Engineering student, Tech Enthusiast, and Volunteer for Leadership Annual Conferences She is devoted to developing leadership, leveraging technology, and driving sustainable solutions. I have experience managing databases, and I’m committed to environmental waste management. I want to leave a lasting impression. At the moment, I volunteer to encourage leadership excellence through yearly conferences.

Yetunde Anuoluwapo Oluwayinka

Lagos, Nigeria - Customer Service Professional

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

I am a self-motivated young lady with the ability to learn, adapt and apply acquired knowledge correctly. My core strength includes: Good researching and communication skills, paying attention to details, Team builder,and Time management. currently working as a customer service representation at the chartered institute of personnel management (CIPM). I am open to new innovations and opportunities as I desire not just to be successful in my chosen field but to be an agent of change and development to the industry.

Olakunle Daniel Olalere

Lagos, Nigeria - Executive Assistant to the CEO

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

I am Olakunle Daniel Olalere, an experienced administrator with a strong background in executive support, operations management, and human resources based in Lagos, Nigeria.
Throughout my career, I have excelled in roles such as Executive Assistant at Internet Solutions Nigeria Ltd. and Operations Manager at Colgate Global Services Ltd. I take pride in my ability to efficiently manage calendars, lead teams, and ensure productive operations while actively contributing to my community through voluntary teaching and educational initiatives.

Stephen Odole

Lagos, Nigeria - Educator

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

Stephen Odole is an award-winning educator, a well sought after speaker, collaborator and strategist, who promotes regenerative in thinking and is passionately involved proffering innovative solutions in Africa. Stephen is a graduate of Political Science and currently, a postgraduate student of Education at the National Open University of Nigeria. He is a certified United Nations SDSN SDGs Advocate, where he served as the Head of Media and Communications committee, Lagos Cohort 3. He is a Cofounder at Regenerative Leadership Hub Africa, and currently serves as the Programs Lead at Learners Corner Education Technology Hub, a leading Edtech hub in West Africa, which promotes innovation and inclusion in education through technology. Connect with me.

Dr. Omobolade Ologunde

Lagos, Nigeria - Executive Administrator

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

I am an experienced executive virtual assistant with over 10years working experience, who is passionate about building support for C-Suite executives and business owners, helping them to focus more on freeing up time for strategic thinking, making money and the business of growing their influence. I help you with running the behind-the-scenes systems and operations of your business. I am also passionate about helping you drafting more focus towards what you do best. As a Project Management Trained Individual, with a demonstrated history of working in several Project-based establishments, my typical itinerary involves me balancing several administrative tasks, project management systems, and organization of duties.

Abideen Nosiru

Lagos, Nigeria - Finance and Accounting

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

I collaborate with CEOs, management teams, executives, and board members as a strategically-focused finance partner (tax advisor and financial reporting) to minimize tax liability, ensuring compliance,cutting cost expenses, boost profitability, raising funds, and efficient financial reporting process. I have highly impacted so many traders, artisans, and small business owners within my community and sphere of influence, through sharing my vast knowledge on business management, record/book keeping, inventory management, automated tools etc., at different events/webinars. I also provide advice on registering their businesses with the appropriate bodies, such as CAC, SMEDAN etc. At the same time, I am a Volunteer Co-ordinator with the Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation – a poverty alleviation NGO.

UZOEBO Olivia Chinonso

Lagos, Nigeria - Business Support Specialist

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

Endurance Ogadima Iloba is a Database Administrator with a focus on environmental waste management, Chemical Engineering student, Tech Enthusiast, and Volunteer for Leadership Annual Conferences She is devoted to developing leadership, leveraging technology, and driving sustainable solutions. I have experience managing databases, and I’m committed to environmental waste management. I want to leave a lasting impression. At the moment, I volunteer to encourage leadership excellence through yearly conferences.

Obinna Nnawuihe

Lagos, Nigeria -Business Development Manager

GMC Volunteer In The Event Moderator Team

I am a passionate, knowledgeable, and target -oriented sales professional with over a decade of sales experience, both in the financial and FMCG industries. I have a proven track record of consistent achievements in sales, business development, product development, and market expansion. I am very keen about growth and making positive impact anywhere i am engaged, especially in sales and marketing, which has been my core over the course of my career. I am able to focus and professionalize the marketing process across all businesses. I am also an advocate of change and continuous self development through learning.

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