A mentorship conference for African youths, women, and professionals who hope to gain clarity & direction, build & belong to global networks and advance to the top of their careers globally.

About Us

The Global Mentorship Conference – The Leading Women's Edition

Aims to address the pressing problem of underrepresentation and limited advancement opportunities for African professional women in their careers.







Our Objectives

Our Objectives For the conference

Address the underrepresentation of African women in higher-level positions by equipping them with the knowledge, resources, and support needed to break through barriers and reach leadership roles.

Foster a culture of mentorship and guidance, connecting aspiring women professionals with experienced leaders who can provide insights, advice, and support in navigating their career paths.

Promote gender equality and inclusivity in the professional landscape by advocating for the alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 5 and 8, which focus on gender equality and decent work and economic growth, respectively.

Provide educational sessions and practical tools to help women identify their strengths, leverage their unique biological and cultural realities, and utilize them to their advantage in their careers.

Create a network of African professional women, facilitating connections and collaborations that extend beyond the conference, fostering ongoing support and growth opportunities.

Provide a platform for mentorship, networking, and knowledge exchange that will enable women to gain clarity, direction, and the necessary skills to lead themselves, lead teams, lead industries, and drive meaningful change.

meet The Convener

i-train africa

I-Train Africa is an EdTech social enterprise focused on the Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG) 4 (Education) and 8 (Decent work and economic growth). Established with the aim of helping African Youths, Women, and Professionals have clarity, information, knowledge, skills, and, a network that they can use to grow and become global citizens. 


To build an ecosystem of African youth who have the clarity, knowledge and, skills to create the future we want.


To help 10 million African youths, women, and professionals gain clarity, upskill, and become tech-savvy, globally visible, sustainability champions and global citizens by 2030 by offering them simplified knowledge, information, and mentorship on how they access global opportunities.

meet The Founder

aderinsola adio-adepoju (phd)

Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju (PhD) is a multipotentialite, excelling as an educator, coach, academic, entrepreneur, and SDGs & global opportunities expert. With a strong dedication to youth and women empowerment through skills acquisition, she champions the realization of the SDGs.

Having served as an UNLEASH Ambassador in both 2021 and 2022, as well as the UPG sustainability leader of 2021, Dr. Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju’s remarkable journey includes securing over 35 global opportunities such as grants, awards, business labs, innovation labs, and fellowships that have taken her across 5 continents. Her impact extends to training over 40,000 youths across Africa, equipping them with knowledge on SDGs and the path to global opportunities through her programs.

At the helm of the Global Mentorship Conference, an annual event uniting youths, women, and professionals across Africa, Aderinsola orchestrated the inaugural edition that reached over 800,000 people. The event saw participation from 40+ African countries, with 14,000+ registered attendees and 35 speakers hailing from 25+ nations. Her academic pursuits shine through as she previously taught chemistry at a university from 2019 to 2022, and her contributions extend to several publications in international journals.

Renowned for her impactful speaking engagements and mentorship, Dr. Adio-Adepoju inspires and empowers her audience to achieve clarity, direction, and tangible results. She’s a dedicated social entrepreneur holding a mini MBA from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and boasts over 13 years of experience in entrepreneurship, management, and teaching.


As the founder of I-Train Africa, an Edtech social enterprise, her vision revolves around cultivating a generation of African youths armed with the knowledge, skills, and direction to shape a promising future. Notably, she led the “My Body My Planet” global climate action project at the Natural History Museum of London in 2022, followed by a substantial role as a global program coordinator for the “Global We” project at Museum for the United Nations (UN Live), spanning across 23+ locations.

Adding to her accomplishments, Mrs. Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju enjoys a happy marriage and is blessed with children.


Our Speakers / panelists

Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju (PhD)

Nigeria - GMC Convener

Andrews Akoto-Addo

Ghana -Social Innovator/Professional

Sikemi Tayo

Nigeria - Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Omotola Akinsola

Nigeria - Social Entrepreneur/Academic

Adam Mostogl

Australia - Tasmanian Leader in Impact, Education and Entrepreneurship

Barr. Chinasa Uwanna

Canada/Nigeria - Legal Practitioner

Tifina Ogweno

Social Entrepreneur

Dr Vivek Manoharan

India- Biomedical Scientist Entrepreneur

Tope Oshin

USA- Storytelling & Media Expert

Afeez Olalekan Saka

Nigeria- Social Entrepreneur

Sudebi Thakurata

Creative facilitator

Ivie Osobase

Dynamic multipotentialite

Toyin F. Sanni

Founder /Executive Vice-Chair, Emerging Africa Group

Augustaheavens Ikevuje

Nigeria - Oil & Gas Professional

Dr. Baraka Muvuka

Congo - Academic

Kevin Sofen

USA Gig Economy/Tech

Ibijoke Faborode

Nigeria- Social Entrepreneur

Rhea Singhla

CEO at Futurize | Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Gwendolyn J. Tucker

HR Strategist

Probal Banerjee

India - Entrepreneur

Tinuade Oguntuyi

Network Infrastructure Lead /STEM Advocate

Dipesh Garg

CEO at Truelancer | Bringing Best Remote Software Opportunities for Gig Workers

Amara Okoli Tasie

Nigeria - Entrepreneur/Manufacturers' Consultant

Omoyemi Chukwurah


Tombozi Mbewe-Ncube

South Africa - Product Strategy Mentor.

Temitope Olukunle

Nigeria- Founder, Outnovately Africa | Forbes Coach | Global Talent Consultant​

Dr Rasheed Adebiyi

Lecturer| Strategic Communication Consultant

Temitope Olukunle

Nigeria - Founder, Outnovately Africa | Forbes Coach | Global Talent Consultant

Melody Fidel Okwuazu

Sales Executive

Dr.Olushola Ajide

Experience in sustainability

Titilola Salisu (PhD)

Nigeria - OOU Lecturer/Mentor

Pixley, Sarah

USA- Biomedical Researcher 

Saudia Arkelshoef

Holland - Professional

Kolawole Shawana

NIgeria - Expert/Consultant in Waste Management

Anastasia Ntracha

Lecturer| Strategic Communication Consultant

Mona Itani

Lebanon - Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

Dr.Tara N. Strickland

Engaging Adult Education Expert

Sujithra Raviselvam

Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Design Facilitator


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