Empowering Women Through Career Development Opportunities: Insights From A Global Report 2023: By I-Train Africa

The pursuit of gender parity and women’s empowerment continues to be a formidable challenge, as highlighted in a recent report jointly released by UN Women and UNDP on July 28, 2023. Surprisingly, not a single nation has managed to achieve complete gender parity and less than 1% of women and girls are resident in countries exhibiting both robust women’s empowerment and a minimal gender gap.

The report introduces two crucial indices for measuring these aspects – the Women’s Empowerment Index (WEI) and the Global Gender Parity Index (GGPI). The former evaluates women’s empowerment, while the latter measures gender parity in key dimensions of human development, including education, health, inclusion, and decision-making.

Amidst this context, I-Train Africa places significant emphasis on quality education (#SDG4) and decent work #SDG8 particularly concerning women. A strong foundation in education serves as a stepping stone for women to forge career paths leading to positions of influence and decision-making. However, navigating the global corporate landscape proves challenging, especially for women aspiring to make their mark.

A McKinsey report from 2022 reveals that merely 38% of managerial roles globally are occupied by women. Bridging this gap necessitates raising awareness about the prevailing issues and implementing effective solutions such as mentorship programs. I-Train Africa addresses these challenges by amalgamating awareness and mentorship into a single initiative named the Global Mentorship Conference (GMC). This annual online event, inaugurated in 2021, has emerged as a potent tool to tackle various obstacles faced by youth and women in Africa. 15,000+ men and women from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa and 36 other African countries have already registered for the GMC 2023 due to be held on October 14, 2023.

Career development serves as a focal point during these conferences. Survey data indicates that 85% of women were able to establish mentorship connections, while 80% gained access to new global and job opportunities. Remarkably, over half of the participants lacked a mentor before attending the conference.

Importantly, these conferences epitomize diversity, attracting attendees from diverse sectors, nationalities, and backgrounds. With representation from 53 countries during the inaugural edition, these gatherings facilitate idea exchange, broaden horizons, and promote cross-cultural understanding. Stats indicate that 95% of women felt enhanced global connectivity and cultural competence post-conference – an invaluable asset in today’s globalized business landscape.

The value of these conferences extends beyond the professional realm. A staggering 90% of participants reported heightened self-confidence and improved clarity regarding their career objectives. Additionally, 70% felt better equipped to maintain work-life balance, citing enhanced stress management and prioritization skills.

A striking aspect of impact pertains to salary negotiation. Before attending, 60% of women admitted discomfort or lack of skills in negotiating salaries. Post-conference, a 40% increase was observed in women comfortable and successful in negotiating pay raises. This illustrates the conferences’ role in furnishing women with indispensable negotiation skills crucial for career advancement and financial independence.

While it might seem like boasting, we echo Beyonc√©’s sentiment: “We talk like this because we can back it up!”

The Empowering Impact of the Global Mentorship Conference for Women and Youth in Africa

Boasting an impressive lineup of keynotes, interactive workshops, and enlightening panel discussions, our virtual Global Mentorship Conferences stand to reshape the professional landscape for women in Africa and globally. This dynamic, immersive environment provides the ideal platform not only for learning but also for cultivating a robust network of supporters poised to propel careers forward. The compelling statistics from our impact report and surveys underscore the advantages these conferences offer to women and African youth.

Lastly, these conferences foster a sense of community among African women. An astounding 98% of attendees reported feeling more supported and less isolated in their professional journeys post-conference – a testament to the conferences’ role in nurturing an empowering network.

In summation, the statistics form a compelling narrative of the transformative potency of the Global Mentorship Conferences. Beyond being mere events, they act as catalysts propelling African women toward success and fulfilment in their careers.

While numbers capture a persuasive story, the intangible benefits of camaraderie, inspiration, and empowerment experienced at these conferences defy quantification. The Global Mentorship Conference represents more than a career development event; it embodies an empowering movement that contributes to shaping a more inclusive and equitable future for women and men in workplaces worldwide.

Written By Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju (PhD) – Global Opportunities Expert and Ivie Osobase

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