The curriculum for the Workplace Foundational #SkillsProgram at the Skilled For Work Academy by I-Train Africa got its last refinement today.

In the last three months, I have been on a research spree to ensure my online academy learning experience is beyond good but GLOBALLY #EXCELLENT.

I started the research from other people’s courses. I found some excellent people on #LinkedIn with fantastic learning experiences in their programs. I saw the prices range between $1500 and $2000.

I asked my staff to go through and give feedback for the ones with tasters. We analysed. Then I started going through other course creators courses I had bought locally. We went through at least a lesson on each program. I took notes of the things I liked and that I did not.

Then, I went back to my courses and onboarded myself to them. I onboarded myself to the A-Z of Winning Global Opportunities online course this week. My very first online course. It was recorded as a proper online course back in 2021.

After listening to my first online course, I did a quick round of praise, which I consider my best work yet regarding lesson structure, knowledge, and learning experience.

I silently prayed for my online course coach, Stephanie Obi, who taught me online course structure.

Then, I went ahead to self-praise.

I said to myself;

📍Aderinsola Adio-Adepoju (PhD), you have a brain.
📍Derin, you get a sense.
📍Derin, you have delivered the absolute best in the past.
📍Derin, you are good.
📍Derin, clap for yourself.
📍Derin na woman you be.
📍Derin, you are what you call yourself, THE GREATEST EDUCATOR OF ALL TIME (smiles).

After the round of praises. I said to myself,

Derin, are you sure you can deliver this level of excellence again? I quickly shoved it off as I knew that was fear talking.

I have spent the last four years constantly self-developing, but my old course gives me a run for my money.

This is what I consider a good challenge when I am setting out to break my old record.

From my old course, I downloaded nine variants of worksheets. I studied all of them. I was more impressed with myself. I saw the ones I could use in various Skilled For Work Academy lessons.


I went back to the lesson structure.

I looked at the new lesson structure we had strategised over the last three months.

I loved that the old one had almost all the elements I wanted, besides a few additions based on trends.

This phase is just one thing out of # the various elements of #productinnovations.

The #Designthinking process to ensure your product delivers more than the solution but the best experience #UX is highly challenging. I wouldn’t trade this for anything, though.

Innovation makes me tick!

Now, let me go back to the next task on my implementation sheet, the structure of slides.

#productdesign #prodcutinnovation

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